Rx Hosting

Rx Hosting provides a cheap way to get your own Armagetron server with as much flexibility, customization, and access as possible while being very easy to use. These servers are run on a professional grade VPS with little lag. Technical support is available within the hour and is limitless


VPS specs

  • 1 TB bandwidth
  • 1 Gigabit Port Speed
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 2 CPU Cores
  • Running 24/7 non-stop
  • Dedicated VPS connection just for Armagetron meaning stable connection
  • Hosted in West Coast US (CA), Texas, East Coast US (NY), Australia, UK, or Germany
  • Buisness class servers
  • XEN virtualization
  • Pings are very low (avg below 90 ms)
  • Try one of these servers to check your connection!
  • Control Panel

    Rx's Control Panel is designed to give you the most freedom to your server, just as if you were doing it yourself, but in a super easy way:

  • Web-based control panel
  • Access to server configurations
  • Upload and create your own cfg files and folders
  • View score-logs
  • View chat-logs
  • Change text-output of server messages (ie. Player entered the Pit)
  • Edit Ai player's names
  • Easy to use tool that ip checks and busts all aliases. Death to trolls!
  • Resource allowing for uploading your custom maps
  • Connect to the server with the control panel to send commands remotely, shutdown or reboot your server.
  • View a live feed of server activity, chats, and even cycles on the grid
  • Write or choose from presets your own custom scripts such as map rotation, giving you infinite customization of your server.
    more features on the way...

    Armagetron Features

  • Full access to every aspect of the server ("Owner rights")
  • Guarenteed latest version of sty+ct installed (allows for zones etc)
  • Unlimited slots
  • 100% up-time guaranteed; for every day the server is down, you get one free day of hosting
  • Enabled Armagetron login (you can login with @forums), logins are instant.


  • If there is any question about any matter (such as how to make maps, or using settings) I will endeavor to help you until your problem is solved, guaranteed
  • If needed, I will make maps for your server
  • If you want a custom script for your server, I can do that as well for free. (I made Happy Fun Time script, AOD|HRS, etc)
  • For any questions, email is dukevinjduke@gmail.com. I check this at least 2 times a day, however, you will most likely receive a response within the hour


    The asking price is $4 per month.

    This is cheap considering the quality service being offered

    Unfortunately there will be no free servers or discounts as I am already losing money on the expensive VPS'.

    Buy now


    You may contact me with any of these ways available and as frequently as you like:
  • email: dukevinjduke@gmail.com
  • Aim/MSN/XMPP: dukevinjduke@gmail.com
  • Rx forums